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This site is for CNR's online courses using Moodle only. Other courses use CNR's ANGEL LMS at angel.cnr.edu. To determine whether your course uses ANGEL or Moodle, look at the three-letter section designation for your course. If the middle letter is "L” your course uses Moodle. If the middle letter is anything else, the course uses ANGEL.

IT Problems? Problems logging in? Use the Virtual Help Desk to retrieve your account information. If you still cannot login after resetting your password, contact the CNR Help Desk at 914-654-5012.

For all other technical problems and help requests for Moodle, please use the 24/7 help desk located on the right hand side of this page.

Contacting your Instructor:

  • You must be in contact with your instructor no later than the second day of the course. If you have not been in contact with your instructor by then, you might be dropped from the course.
  • All electronic communication with your instructor should be via your online course site or your CNR email account. Make sure you check your CNR email regularly, as it is an official means of communication between you and the College.
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